Why the UofSC MBA?

I’ve been an admissions professional for more than nine years so I know you could earn your MBA anywhere. Why should you even consider the University of South Carolina?

I can tell you that as assistant director of admissions I see students benefit from being part of one of the nation’s most experiential MBA programs every day. I see them leave our doors, headed for careers at leading companies and global enterprises at levels you can’t reach with an undergraduate education. It’s an opportunity that impressed me so much, I pursued my own University of South Carolina master’s degree.

I know the MBA experience we’ve created at the Darla Moore School of Business amplifies your one or two years of intensive study like no other program. And because an MBA is a significant investment, we work hard to make your experience more fruitful, meaningful and even enjoyable at the University of South Carolina. Here’s how:

You’ll go global.
Our International MBA offers the first-person perspective and language fluency no classroom can provide. You live and work in a foreign market during the longest immersion of any international MBA program in the U.S. I know of no greater opportunity for an international-minded candidate than the nation’s #1 international program.

Interested in a one-year MBA but crave that global worldview? At UofSC you can spend your spring break on an international trip that exposes you to the culture, practices and environment of a foreign market.

You can enhance your degree.
During the program, you can ratchet up your own market value by earning top industry certifications — even in the one-year MBA structure. You can earn SAP and Six Sigma certifications that enhance your marketability and save the thousands it would cost you to pursue them independently.

Our students enjoy a level of experiential learning that’s unique in the southeast and in the nation. We take learning out of the classroom and into thriving Research and Partnership Centers with executives at leading companies. I see students create connections and opportunities that change their trajectory overnight.

We support you.
Here, support takes a number of forms. In each class, 100% of candidates receive financial support through scholarships and special tuition awards. We also match admitted students with current student mentors, whose experienced insight can help you as you work through key decisions.

At the University of South Carolina, you’ll find the international business coursework you expect. The big differentiator, according to many of our graduates, is the extras — like our international immersion, degree enhancements and career support.

From my perspective, considering the University of South Carolina isn’t just smart. It’s a step in the right direction.

If you’d like to talk more about our one-year MBA or International MBA, I’m happy to help. Just email me or call me at 803-777-0262 today.

Jennifer Ninh
Managing Director, Full-time MBA Programs