Why the UofSC PMBA?

The part-time Professional MBA program at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business offers students the opportunity to earn an MBA degree with flexibility, affordability and access to industry-experienced faculty.

The program, designed for working professionals with at least two years of professional experience, can help you secure a promotion, gain insight into your industry and expand your business knowledge.

The top-ranked part-time MBA program in South Carolina, the Moore School’s PMBA program is ranked the number 23 program in the United States by the U.S. News and World Report. This highly accessible program works with your schedule and allows you to complete your coursework in tandem with your work schedule. Because PMBA sessions are held in the evenings and on select Saturdays, you can attend class after work and then apply what you learned the next day at the office.

With eight educational sites across South Carolina and Charlotte, North Carolina, the UofSC PMBA program allows students to experience most of what the full-time MBA program offers with flexible course options. As a PMBA student, you can virtually attend class or download recorded lectures and watch them on your own time, so you don’t have to sacrifice attending courses if you travel for work or have other obligations.

Even if you chose to complete the program virtually, you are still able to go to one of the eight sites to network with other students and engage with professors.

“The class delivery format is the best compromise — nothing is quite as good as sitting in the real classroom, in my opinion, but the live class through TVs at the remote sites is very good,” said Lyderic Champetier, a Michelin service operations account manager who graduated from the PMBA program in 2018. “The option to take the classes live through Blackboard Collaborate is far superior to an online, non-live delivery.”

Many of the Moore School’s faculty members are actively engaged in industry and work with Fortune 500 companies. This means that what you learn in the PMBA program is relevant, fresh and immediately applicable to your career.

“The richness of experience and skill building in the PMBA program has provided a really powerful stepping-stone for me in my career progress,” said Tiffany Crumpton, a marketing director who is currently enrolled in the PMBA program. “The talent caliber of my fellow students and the faculty has truly blown me away and encouraged me to power up my level of engagement and learning.”

Through applying the knowledge they learned in the program, many PMBA candidates have earned job promotions during and after completion of the program. Carolina Brown, for example, was promoted to chief external affairs officer at the Medical University of South Carolina after earning her MBA in 2019.

“Without the Professional MBA, it would have been difficult to continue to progress in my career and especially to earn a role in the C-suite,” Brown said. “The program helped round out my business acumen and ensured that I can speak the language of colleagues and external partners who work in essential functional areas including finance, operations, marketing and quality. I improved my negotiation and leadership skills, which I use on a daily basis to influence decisions and create partnerships, affiliations and joint ventures with outside groups.”

Additionally, since Moore School PMBA program students pay tuition based on the number of credit hours they are enrolled in, the program is a tremendous value. The total cost of tuition to earn the MBA is less than $40,000, which is highly competitive with other part-time MBA programs across the nation. This allows students to receive a high-quality degree at an affordable price. What’s more, out-of-state students in areas like Augusta and Charlotte pay in-state rates. “If you’re considering an MBA and think it will help advance your career or personal goals, start now,” Brown said. “The time is going to pass regardless, and you will be so glad you didn’t wait any longer to begin your journey.”