UofSC MBA Faculty Infuses Real-World Business into Academics

When you’re evaluating the quality of an MBA program, knowing the facts about who you’ll learn from and how is essential. That includes far more than a business faculty roster, according to Jeff Rehling, Center for Marketing Solutions Director and lecturer at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business.

At the Moore School, students learn from traditional research and tenure track faculty as well as lecturers and clinical faculty that bring robust real-world experience into the classroom. “The members of our clinical faculty have held management-level, director-level positions at leading companies around the world,” he says. “That provides our students with a strong balance of traditional academic-based learning and real-world practice in applying what they’re learning.”

Flexible delivery is another aspect that adds to the learning experience, too. “Most of our MBA students have significant work experience so there’s value in being face-to-face and talking to the students around you,” says Rehling. “We do have the technology to teach fully online if we need to and we have a handful of courses that mix in-person and virtual learning. We also bring in corporate partners from around the world, often virtually.”

The Moore School has made a conscious effort to control cohort size to ensure students have as high quality an experience as possible. “Smaller cohorts allow faculty to get to know the students and the students to get to know one another. They also allow us to take that more hands-on approach that we like,” he says.

The Moore School is also home to 12 faculty-led research centers. The Center for Marketing, which is led by Rehling, and the other research and learning centers strive to inject experiential learning and real-world projects into classes to give students the opportunity to apply what they’re learning.

According to Rehling, the choices made by the Moore School create an equally meaningful experience for program’s faculty. “I stay in touch with many graduates because we’re able to interact with each other in ways you just can’t in larger class sizes and programs,” he says. “I’m a huge fan of being face-to-face, rolling up our sleeves, and getting to know one another. There is so much to be gained from learning from one another and whiteboarding ideas together.”

The need to maintain one foot in the classroom and one in the business world is not lost on Rehling, who understands why students seek out the Moore School’s One-Year MBA or No.1-ranked International MBA program. 

“Many of our students are at a critical point in their careers and looking to make a change or a transition. The MBA is going to be the foundation of that pivot,” he says. “We want to provide as rich and robust an experience as possible to give them every chance to achieve their goals.”

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Jennifer Ninh
Managing Director, Full-time MBA Programs