The Value of the International Immersion in a Full-time MBA

Interested in international business? The world is your oyster. These days, you would be hard-pressed to find a top MBA program that doesn’t offer some amount of international study experience. That alone speaks to the strong demand for business leaders who can demonstrate cultural awareness in a dynamic global economy.

Consider the geographic footprint of world’s hottest companies to understand why.

But, the typical weeklong or ten-day study trip offered by many business schools won’t suffice in a globally focused business world. You need substantive experience to show employers that you truly understand international business.

That’s why the University of South Carolina MBA has been designed to provide a deeply immersive international experience — the best among business schools around the country according to U.S. News & World Report.

Top-Ranked for 29 Years (and Counting)
There was a time when only a few universities offered a globally focused business school curriculum. The University of South Carolina was a pioneer. In fact, our International MBA has been ranked among the nation’s top three programs for 29 consecutive years by U.S. News & World Report.

It’s exciting for us, of course. But it’s also exceptional for you.

Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned our international immersion to provide an experience that’s like no other. We’ve studied economic shifts in overseas markets. We’ve excelled in delivering experiential learning in second languages. And we’ve introduced a business anthropology model, so you can bridge business theory with actual human experience.

While other schools have launched new immersion programs, we bring you the benefit of decades of proven experience. There’s good reason why business school deans throughout the world have recognized us as the best program in international business for nearly 30 years.

Being recognized as the best for international business means that you will be, too.

The Nation’s Longest International MBA Immersion
It’s hard to truly understand international business if you just skim the surface. You need to spend time somewhere to understand the subtle dynamics of culture. You need time to challenge your initial observations, connect the dots and bring curiosity to every aspect of being abroad.

Our eight-week in-country immersion gives you that time. You don’t simply observe a culture; you become part of it.

We understand that gaining knowledge about international business takes more than crossing an ocean to visit ten companies in ten days. The most valuable lessons come through daily encounters like setting up cable in an apartment in a new country or shopping for groceries in a foreign language.

An immersion that’s measured in months rather than weeks (or even days) offers that proprietary perspective.

Learning to Speak a Shared Language
For all the headlines about needing hard skills in a big data world, one simple fact holds true: business is based on human behavior. That means you need both to be successful — hard skills for solving problems and soft skills for working with others.

There’s no better way to sharpen your soft skills than learning a new language. While we don’t intend to be the Rosetta Stone of business schools, we do want you to develop enough proficiency to understand the world from another person’s perspective. Learning and speaking a foreign language breaks down silos and helps you connect more closely with colleagues and clients.

Through our optional language track in the international immersion, you’ll become a better communicator (and influencer) in your native language as well as in French, German or Spanish. Learning another language makes you slow down, carefully consider your words and ensure comprehension. It’s a skill that facilitates stronger relationships and is rewarded in the job market, too. In fact, communication is one of the top three most important skills for employers. If you do not wish to pursue the language option, we have a non-language Global Track that provides an eight-week immersion abroad.

More than Business As Usual
These are just a few reasons the Moore School international immersion isn’t your typical MBA immersion. If you want to gain cultural awareness and communication skills that propel you head and shoulders above fellow MBA candidates throughout the nation, let’s talk.

Satish Jayachandran
Associate Dean for MBA Programs