Is a Full-time MBA right for you?

It’s a powerful credential for millions.

But just because an MBA is a smart career move for a colleague, it doesn’t mean it’s the right call for you.

Over the course of five years working with hundreds of prospective students applying to the University of South Carolina Full-time MBA Programs, I’ve heard countless reasons for business school that fall into both and personal categories.

For instance, students interested in our 22-month International MBA often want global experiences to be a constant in their lives and are drawn to the resume-building eight-week in-country immersion.

Our One-Year MBA frequently attracts those who feel that the world is moving faster than their current work capabilities. They seek to advance (or pivot) as quickly as possible.

So, is an MBA is a smart move for your career? Here are some examples from our alums to help you decide.

  • Are you looking to magnify attention and resources to some of the biggest challenges in the world? Kate Williams parlayed her pre-MBA service in the Peace Corps into a post-MBA position in sustainability as senior impact manager at Fair Trade USA in San Francisco.
  • Do you want to execute a power play from one dynamic industry to another? Kristen Dozier, a former professional volleyball player, is now a senior associate of strategy at KPMG in New York City.
  • Managing a career move from the military to the commercial sector? International MBA student Dan Pritchard served in the Special Forces before business school and just finished interning as a chief of staff for a publicly-traded internet tech company in Santa Monica, California.
  • Are you interested in pivoting to business from a technical position? Kunal Shah, a One-Year MBA alum, worked as a systems design engineer in Mumbai and is now a finance analyst at one of the fastest-growing banks in the South.
  • Could you combine an interest in the law with business? Wesley Cooler earned a joint JD/MBA from the University of South Carolina, and now works in finance and digital innovation at The Coca-Cola Company headquarters in Atlanta.
  • Are you looking to make the jump to management?  Lauren Delphia, a One-Year MBA alumna, worked as a sales representative for a physical therapy firm and is now a territory sales manager for Medtronic, the world’s largest medical device company.

One of the best ways to determine if an MBA is right for you is to think about where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.

Exploring whether an MBA can bridge those two visions is well worth your time. And here are three easy ways.

1. Schedule a personal consultation.
Contact me to start an informal conversation by phone, Skype, on campus. (I’m originally from New York and always happy to chat with prospective students from other parts of the world about what it’s like to live in South Carolina. Yes, the winters here are MUCH better!)

2. Speak to current students who match where you are “today” or where you want to be “tomorrow.”
Reach out to lead student ambassador Dan McEachin, who recently received a full-time job offer from Deloitte after interning as a summer associate along with students from other leading programs such as Darden, Fuqua, Ross and Stern.

3. Scan our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. Follow us, too!
You’ll get a better sense of the school culture and community as well as inspiring career placement stories.

It doesn’t involve a big commitment to entertain the idea of a graduate management education. Start a conversation to get more clarity. You’ll be glad you did.

p.s. – If you’ve already decided that an MBA is right for you, start an application now. Our priority deadline is October 15. Meet it and you’ll receive a decision by December 1, just in time for family holiday gatherings!

Jennifer Ninh
Managing Director, Full-time MBA Programs