For a higher value MBA, look no further than UofSC

When you’re evaluating the cost of an MBA, it’s important to know all the facts. The cost of tuition is one of several value considerations, according to Diondra Smalls Black, Assistant Director of Full-time MBA Programs at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business.

“At UofSC, you’re not paying for the added expense of a university’s brand name or settling for a program without a blockbuster faculty,” she says. “Here, you’ll be part of a nationally leading program that’s led by a top-grade faculty, for half the cost.”

The One-Year MBA is a 10-month, full-time program that’s ideal for those ready to accelerate their career, says Black. “It’s designed to get you going quickly. You start with core intensive coursework taught by industry leaders, and work on consulting projects with local and global companies. Not only do you take part in real-world case studies, we put our students in front of top CEOs and top CFOs from global companies,” says Black. “You can tailor your degree to your goals and lifestyle — for just over $20,000.”

The International MBA is a 22-month, full-time program that includes a corporate internship and the nation’s longest international immersion. “You get to travel to another country, to live, touch, taste global business,” she says. “I believe the international immersion is what truly sets our program apart.” With 100% of International MBA candidates receiving scholarships that qualify them for in-state tuition, most students complete the program for under $35,000.

“At UofSC, if you receive at least a $2,000 scholarship, you qualify for in-state tuition rates. That’s one value that makes our program more affordable for more students,” she says.

The City of Columbia, where the Moore School is located, is known for its highly affordable cost of living. “I always hear from students that the cost of living is great here,” says Black. When you include the region’s mild winters, vibrant downtown living and lack of traffic and overcrowded streets, it’s a great way of life.

Last, says Black, it’s important to think about your end-game result. “Graduates often come out of our programs with salaries of $100,000-plus,” says Black. That enviable starting salary is backed by UofSC MBA students’ being fully prepared — in every sense — for the working world.

“It’s not only about the salary,” explains Black. “It’s about preparing people to enter careers where they’ll be happy, where they can be passionate, and where they won’t want to change jobs in the next year.”

At UofSC, value isn’t just the price you pay for tuition. It’s everything you can gain by choosing a nationally respected MBA program that allows you to maximize your income and potential for less than you’d spend for comparable programs.

To learn more about the One-Year MBA or International MBA programs, email Diondra Smalls Black or call her at 803-777-3709.

Jennifer Ninh
Managing Director, Full-time MBA Programs